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New Daylily Introductions

Majestic Nursery & Gardens is best known for growing over 800 varieties of daylilies in its three acre garden. Throughout the daylily garden, you will see some of the finest introductions as well as daylilies developed in the garden. Seedlings produced here are on display for evaluation. The objective of our breeding program is to produce distinctive, quality daylilies with infinite hues and color combinations. Beds are laid out in rows with wide turf walkways separating display areas. We are honored to be an approved American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden. Click to view Previous Daylily Introductions.

We invite you to visit our country garden. Please call ahead to schedule a visit. During bloom season, the garden is generally open from late June through late July. Garden hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2013 Introductions

Tetraploid - (Bill Norris x Seedling) 31" height, 6" bloom, Mid-season, Semi-evergreen, 4 way branching with 18-25 buds. A vibrant electric yellow with a radiant green throat outlined by ruffled petal edges. Larry Grace and Sandy Holmes commented "This plant has it all". A finished flower, nice scape height, well branched, and great plant habit. Foliage is deep dark green in color. Easily fertile both ways. Very Limited
Single Fan - $125

Tetraploid - (Seedling x Seedling) 31" height, 5" bloom, Mid-season, Semi-evergreen, 3 way branching with 18-21 buds. This flower has a beautiful deep burgundy red eye outlined with a small picotee edge. The bold eye is nicely contrasted with the pleasing cream beige color of the petals and sepals. Displays a nice starburst green throat. Well branched and easily fertile both ways. Named after a collection of spicy mixed relish.
Single Fan - $100

2012 Introductions

J. Pansing, Tetraploid (Forestlake Ragamuffin x Seedling) height 25", Dormant, Mid-Season, 5" flowers with 18 buds. Cutting Teeth is a bright red daylily with a brilliant gold toothy edge. A vibrant green throat is nicely contrasted with a slight cool raspberry halo. Consistently flawless flowers that holds well in the sun. Fertile both ways with toothy kids when crossed with other parents with teeth. Very Limited.
Single Fan - $150.00 - Sold Out

J. Pansing, Tetraploid (Seedling x Seedling) height 36", Semi-Evergreen, Mid-Season, 5.5-6" flowers with 18 buds. Stunning brilliant saturated red with a small lime green throat. Recurved with great substance that holds well in the sun. Blooms hover nicely above the foliage. One of the most admired plants in the garden. Easily fertile both ways. A great parent.
Limited. Single Fan - $125.00

To order daylilies, print an order form. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this form. Then mail or fax your order to us at (937) 833-2328.

Tetraploid - (Open My Eyes x Seedling) 28" height, 5.5-6" bloom, Mid-season, Semi-evergreen, 3 way branching with 18-23 buds. A nice deep butterscotch yellow with a wine red eye and double edge. A small dark green throat is contrasted with the prominent deep red mid-ribs forming a complex pointed eye. The outer petal edge is trimmed with bright yellow. The colors in this flower, reminds one of the sparkling eyes of a jolly clown having fun. Fertile both ways. Very Limited
Single Fan - $125

J.Pansing, Diploid (Seedling x Seedling) height 25" Dormant, Mid-Season, 5" flowers with 20 buds. A bright raspberry rose with a small vibrant green throat. Impeccable flower that is accented with glistening white midribs. Tailored to perfection with a consistent rate of 99.95% hose in hose form. A long awaited introduction named after Betsy Detmer's granddaughter.
Single Fan - $100.00

J. Pansing, Diploid (Seedling x Seedling) height 24", Dormant, Very Late, 5" flowers with 18 buds. A soft peach pink accented with darker veins and ruffled edges. As the day unfolds the color becomes a more uniform baby pink. Texture is diamond dusted with a radiant green throat. Begins to flower around the same time as Sandra Elizabeth. A sparkling flower that adds color to the garden late in the season. Fertle.
Single Fan - $100.00

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