Majestic Nursery & Gardens designs and creates beautiful landscaping for homes and businesses. Also, we grow over 800 varieties of daylilies in our three-acre garden. Fall offers an opportunity to visit our family farm and pick out those perfect pumpkins and mums. Our Amazing Maze each fall offers an adventure through 15 acres of the tallest corn.

2021 corn maze photo

Fall Activities

Fall months are a busy and fun time at Majestic Nursery. There is lots to do. The Amazing Maze is located on the sesquicentennial family farm. It is located in a 20-acre field with an optional treasure hunt. Everyone that completes the treasure hunt receives a small mini pumpkin as a prize.

You may select a pumpkin from the extensive display area or pick that “perfect pumpkin” from the large pumpkin field. With nearly 45 different types of pumpkins, squash and gourds grown, there is plenty to choose from. Beautiful fall mums, annuals, winter ornamental cabbage and kale are available to add that wonderful accenting color.

Hayrides, Overlook and Pumpkin Patch train rides on the weekend, weather permitting. A free petting zoo and children’s play area complete with toys. There are many painted signs for photo opportunities.

This is an open air venue located on a large and spacious location with plenty of space to be comfortable. There are hand sanitizer locations for anyone to use. Please visit the amazing maze, pumpkins and mums pages to see pictures of fun things to do.

Ullery’s Homemade Ice Cream is scheduled to be here on the weekend of September and October, weather permitting. What’s The Scoop Ice Cream company is scheduled to be here Sunday October.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Majestic Nursery & Gardens designs and creates beautiful landscaping for homes and businesses. Our company prides itself in developing aesthetic landscape designs and creating beautiful landscape settings. Majestic Nursery & Garden has chosen to stay relatively small in order to deliver value, customer service and satisfaction.

Generally service starts with a landscape design which is aesthetic as well as functional. Designs and jobs range from small residential to the larger commercial. The majority of jobs consist of installing landscape material, although our company does some landscape maintenance and wall installation. Our company has a landscape nursery providing quality trees, shrubs and perennials.

Real Raw Local Honey

We are passionate about honey bees. We make every business decision by what’s best for the health of our honey bees. The bees depend on the environment they live in. We look for locations that have a diversity of meadows, native flowering plants, and a natural source of water. Diversity matters because it provides flowers throughout the growing season. Some flowers will provide nectar, while others may only provide pollen. Bees need a reliable source of each in order to maintain a healthy colony, which has the ability to produce and store honey.

We do not rent our bees out for pollination service. This sets us apart from other bee companies. Bees in pollination service are exposed to fungicides and insecticides from spraying at bloom time. While the bees aren’t sprayed directly, the come into contact with residue on leaves, petals, or flowers growing in the understory of crops. These areas have lots of shade; thus it takes longer for sprays to dry. Eventually, the bees carry the spray back to the hive, resulting in spray in the colony and honey.

Because we emphasize the well-being of our bees instead of profit, some consider our goals old fashioned. Care in a timely fashion is critical for bees because of environmental factors. Our desire is not to be the largest bee company, but the one that takes the best care of its bees. We simply believe that the bees, people, and the environment that we live in, is of far greater importance than the pursuit of profits.


We started our nursery in 1984 after many years of preparation. You can find us near Brookville, just west of Dayton, Ohio. Majestic Nursery & Gardens is best known for our daylilies. Throughout our three-acre daylily garden, you will see some of the finest introductions as well as daylilies developed in our garden. We have over 700 varities of daylilies

 “We’ve bought daylilies from the Pansings for many years. They’re incredibly knowledgeable hybridizers and growers, offering healthy plants, freshly dug when you choose them, and reasonable prices. Their plants have always done well for us in our own garden. Daylilies make a landscape sparkle!” – Donna

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